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Applewood Nursery Return Policy and Plant Warranty
Thank you for shopping at Applewood Nursery. Please retain your receipt and your actual product to ensure a speedy return.

All clearance sales are final. Sorry, no adjustments.

Any plant item thought to be diseased; you will need to bring in a sample of the diseased area in a SEALED BAG for verification. It will be at the owners discretion as to the warranty.

Applewood Nursery allows a 30 day return or exchange with receipt on regularly priced hard good items.

There are no adjustments on sale prices.

For items returned that were paid for by check, there is a ten day waiting period, however an “in-store credit” or a “check sent in the mail” for the amount of the refund is available.

For any return over $25.00 that was paid for by check or cash, a check will be mailed out or an “in-store credit” will be given. (There is no change given with an in-store credit).

We hope you find your shopping experience at Applewood Nursery enjoyable!

If you have any questions please see Customer Service Staff for assistance.

Applewood Nursery Plant Warranty

We require the “proof of purchase” for any returned item. Proof of purchase includes a register receipt and the plant material.

Trees: One year from date of purchase.

Shrubs: One year from date of purchase.

Vines: Hardy vines located on the nursery lot are guaranteed through the first frost of the current growing season when the plant was purchased. Not over winter.

Roses: Hybrid Tea, Floribunda, Miniature, English, Romantica, and shrub roses are warranted through the first frost of the current growing season when the plant was purchased. Not over winter.

Perennials: Perennials are guaranteed through the first frost of the current growing season when the plant was purchased. Not over winter.

Annuals: Satisfaction is guaranteed under normal conditions.

Unplanted Plant Material Returns: Can be returned or exchanged within one week of purchase. A receipt is needed along with the plant in the same condition that it was when it was purchased.

Exemptions on warranty: Any plant bought at a discount, any plant that has been transplanted, and All bare root stock.

Applewood Nursery General Policies
NO ALLOWANCE will be given after products have been installed. Our responsibility will not exceed our selling price of the merchandise to our customer.

Our estimating is a free service. When we provide an estimate, it is to the best of our ability. We take no responsibility for our estimating. It is the customer’s responsibility to seek a second opinion before ordering.

Square feet per ton yields have been averaged to the best of our ability and there will be some variations for which we cannot be responsible.

Delivery Locations and Property Damage: The customer is responsible to clearly identify the delivery location and to provide adequate, safe access to that location. The final determination of the desired location, if possible or safe, is up to the delivery driver. Applewood Nursery will not be liable for any property damage resulting from normal truck, forklift, or other delivery apparatus and activity.

All shortages, damages, product problems, or exceptions of any kind must be noted on delivery or brought to the attention of your sales person or the office within 48 hours of delivery.

Landscape Rock, Natural Stone, & Concrete Products: Because of the inherent qualities of rock, natural stone, and concrete products, there is no implied guarantee of color, texture, etc. Concrete products may vary slightly in color from batch to batch. Natural stone products will vary in color, size, and texture.

Stone is a natural irregular product. There will always be small pieces on a pallet and a certain amount of waste must be added when figuring your projects. These small pieces are NOT returnable.

We assess a $35.00 charge on all returned checks.



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